Diablo Immortal Review

With Blizzard announcing their Mobile Game set to shake up the mobile industry genre. Diablo Immortal will be put to the test when it comes the Google Play and Apple Store.

We got a little taste test of the new game and heres the review:

Generic third person hack and slash featuring genre defining components such as…
-a horrifically janky and largely nonadjustable camera
-difficulty gimmicks such as hidden enemies
-questionable level design
-inability to register inputs on a semi consistent basis
-range spam in a melee based game
– attacks and enemies which clip through the game world
-particle effects which crash the game
-enemy attacks are telegraphed poorly at times
-you can effectively skip parts of levels by just running through them
-lock on doesn’t work quite often

Don’t get me wrong we only played a little bit. Oh and you’re wanting to play too here’s the tutorial on youtube: [TUT] Diablo Immortal Mobile Download for iOS & Android APK

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