Black Ops 4 – The best CoD in History!

Black Ops 4 just got released this weekend! Now we here is my review of the game. Also there are awesome youtube videos which show some awesome use of the cheats I’ve been using so far: black ops 4 aimbot wall hack chams

1. Huge, beautiful open world with a lot of variety
2. Mythical boss encounters are a blast
3. Great single player fps campaign
5. Some of your choices have consequences
6. A dozen gear sets to complete
7. Most side characters are memorable and well written
8. You can play how you want. It is totally possible to be stealthy while raiding forts and enemy territories but invest in warrior skills so that you don’t get overwhelmed during boss battles.

1, The grind is real – You need a lot of planning and patience to reach level 50
2. Some performance issues
3. Naval combat is not as good as black flag

Note: They do sell COD Points in which you can get a chance at rare skins and camos for the game. Luckily for me, I don’t like to spend money on them!

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