BO4 – My Review

There’s a reason this game consistently holds a spot in Twitch’s top ‘most played’ games. It’s phenomenal. Easily one of my favorite shooters ever, and I’ve played a ton of them. Teamwork is essential, maps are widely varied, matches are the perfect length, gunplay and gadgets feel great, operators have distinct playstyles, and while unlocking new ones takes some work, I think it’s a pretty fair system overall. I’ve fallen off with other shooters but I find myself coming back to BO4 over and over again and getting totally absorbed. I hope this game has a long life, and COD can continue to release solid content for years to come.

Peaker’s advantage is worse than ever before, keyboard WILL lock up at you at some random points in the game (strangely when you’re needing that crucial moment to win a fight), sometimes hitreg will abandon you, and you’ll still find the occasional hacker here and there (though not nearly as bad as before the patch). Luckily you dont have to buy this years cod, a video appeared on youtube showing you how to get it for free:

All in all, you might enjoy BO4 but the more you play you’ll start to notice the problems that still plague this game. I’ve had my fun with it but I just can’t get myself to continue anymore unless Call of Duty decides to quit sticking their thumb up their *** which they never will…)

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