AC: Odyssey PC Review!

AC: Odyssey is still a great game after all these years, but watch out for the ban policies, they’re kinda annoying….. I got my character wiped and banned for a month (permanent next time which means I have to buy the game again under a different account). Why? I was killing people in the lobbies to get highscores on freemode challenges and etc, and apparently that’s against tos because its “..interfering with other players’ gameplay experience.” I think that is a very vague rule, and needs to be more specific. Don’t let this stop you from buying the game, just be careful.

The multiplayer of Assassins Creed has always been its downfall… The story mode is brilliant. I’ve played this game for hundreds of hours on singleplayer including my old account. I would 100% recommend this game if you’re looking for an amazing AC singleplayer experience, even if there’s no sale. However, the same can’t be said if you’re interested in multiplayer. While the content is of almost the same quality as story mode, there is just way to much grinding to even afford any if the cool stuff, not to mention all the modders which can really ruin the game for alot of people.

Now you can actually get AC: Odyssey for free, but it is only working on the PC version of the game and multiplayer will not work. If you are interested you can watch this youtube clip to get it: how to get Assassins Creed Odyssey for free


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