Fifa 19 Android Review

A fun conclusion to this FIFA trilogy that channels the originals much more than the past two. A recommendation is to play with the puzzle/traversal settings on hard so you get a more classic experience if you are into that. Also the accessibility features are great and can help those who struggle using a contoler. I hope in the coming updates they will also impliment color blind modes and text size options. The world design is very memorable too, showing a large variety throughout along with great puzzles in them. The story is adequate but feels like it needed about 5 more hours worth to properly wrap up though i really enjoyed the characters a lot when we got to see them. A big recommendation to both those who loved the past two and those who loved the classics thanks to the new difficulty settings so you choose what challange you want. I hope more people will pick this up because it deserves plenty of love.

Honestly the game feels face paced, lots of quick kicks, tackles and also very fluent on my google pixel! Many of you might be thinking, how the hell did this guy hit hands on FIFA 19 Mobile when it’s not even released…. Well some dude on youtube has got it and shows everyone. Watch it here: How to get FIFA 19 Mobile FREE DOWNLOAD

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