Fortnite Review/Guide for old consoles!

Gameplay: Gameplay is exactly like Fortnite. You build a reception desk; you build a GP office; you build a treatment room. This is then slowly expanded as the game goes on, you build a desk; GP’s office; treatment room; additional diagnostic room; additional treatment rooms. This is fine. This is how it should be. The issue? GP Offices. Currently the order goes like this. Patient A arrives; Goes to Reception; Goes to GP Office; Goes to [Insert Diagnostic Room]; Goes back to GP’s Office; Goes To Treatment Room (assuming they’ve been diagnosed fully). This causes a MASSIVE backup for your GP offices. I ended up starting every game by building 4 GP offices just so, by the time I was working on 2 Stars I didn’t have to build more. In the final mission, to get 3 stars, I ended up with 10 GP offices and they all had 6-9 queues. I would have built more but it just meant so much room taken up. This is annoying because, lets say they go to an Ultra Scanner Diagnostic room, I’ve spent hard earned cash building it, it’s the most expensive kind. I then upgraded it to Lv.3. Highest it can go. A dude with 0 diagnostic % goes in. Comes out with 100%. We know what is wrong with him. He STILL has to go to the GP’s office. What should (or I would like) to happen is he then goes to the treatment room. If it’s 100% he should skip the GP’s office. Sadly not. So you have loads more staff than you need to cover breaking doctors to cover your entire wings filled with GP offices. Oh and you should watch this youtube clip for entire guide: How to get and download Fortnite on your OLD PS3 Console!

5. Animation: I know this could be under graphics but I shall put it here. There needs to be more object interaction. In Fortnite, there was interaction. I wouldn’t say there is fewer animations than Fortnite but there might not be many more. In TH, a GP will open and close the file cabinet. The psychiatrist will check a book. The trainer will tap on the skeleton. Etc. While now, yes, there are doctors sniff flowers, doctors warm hands on fire place, doctors drink coffee or whatever, would be nice for all these objects to have more interaction so you feel like they’re doing something other than boosting a stat. This leads me to…

6. More objects to buy with KP. More stuff to boost treatment success or diagnostic success, which the doctors interact with. Granted this might ‘slow down’ the processing of the patients and make my issue about the queues worst but it’d be fun to watch.

Apart from that. I enjoyed it. It was like old times. What now? Well now Two Point Studios could make more illnesses, more rooms, more objects, more interaction animations and so on.

Do I recommend this game? Yes. Do I recommend this game if you liked Fortnite? Very much so. Do I recommend this game if you want a serious hopsital management game with real(istic) illnesses? Probably not, no.

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