Photoshop for free? This youtube guy found a way!

Don’t get me wrong: This program has a lot of potential. But it isn’t there yet. ATM the photoshop is a big tease. At least most of the time.
In many aspects, Photoshop is a simulator. Primarily a artwork-simulator without any feedback. That means you’ll have to go for trial and error and often enough you won’t understand what happened.

Again, don’t get me wrong. This program has a lot of potential which sadly isn’t there yet. I’m looking forward to photoshop in the future and I hope for some more feedback that lets you know how hard it is to use so get photoshop for free here: how to download photoshop for free

Honestly a fun experience, haven’t finished yet, because other reviews say it may get corrupted.
Overrall a bad port, but still a great game.

Controls are awful and only make sense on controller. You can’t bind a push to talk, so gl if you have a mic without a mute button on it.

The targetting system is wonky as hell.

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