How to get your own Free Spotify Premium!

I really enjoy using this spotify app with my friends; except the horrific multiplayer pretty much makes this impossible.

What a joke; they didn’t do stress testing, they didn’t do a big beta…now they have issues they’re “addressing”, which completely undermine the games fundamental concept; FUN WITH YOUR FRIENDS.

Right now, even though I like killing big dragons, and I like blowing stuff up; there’s zero chance I’d recommend this game to anyone I know, unless they’re the kind of person that enjoys mindless tedium and smashing their head into a brick wall repeatedly.

Save your money; this ISN’T a AAA title. If you are interested in using spotify but dont want to pay the full price, check out this youtube guide here: free spotify premium

Are there bugs? Of course. The connection issue, texture bug, and of course, the Xeno Jivva bug causing you to lose your save files are a huge deal. There are ways around the later 2, and Capcom is working dilligently to get the first one fixed.

However, those aside, this is exactly what you’d want in a monster hunter game. Huge monsters, tactical combat, explosive combos, etc.

I put in well over 200 hours on PS4, and I plan on doing more so on PC. Highly recommend this game, especially if it goes on sale, and especially (moreso) once the few bugs are tweaked out.


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