Grand Theft Auto 5 – A few years late Review….

Overall Game play: The game play gets a 5 out 10. It’s the exact same as previous version. Boring.

Story Board Mode: 6/10. You’re either are too busy reading which buttons to press, or addressing issues which quickly become mechanical. Fun stuff like pressing the right key to breathe correctly while doing yoga to driving and escaping cops. It’s hard to figure out if you’ve missed stuff or not. Did I complete it? Do I have to do the real stupid stuff? Yoga? Really? Are you kidding? Who came up with this?

On-line: You can play with friends. +1. New player experience. -10/10. As you start off with nothing, you will be blown up repetitively by cheaters. Or two players will just blow you up non-stop as you re-spawn. If you’re not with friends, it’s quite boring, and many of the boring tasks require two or more people. This on-line play is so pathetically bad and full of jerks that overall I’m going to give it the overall score of 0/10 which is sad :(…. However I have heard the mobile version is awesome and you can download it for free: gta 5 mobile download

OVERALL: 5/10. It would quickly drop had I paid any more. The storyboard mode was worth that. And on top of it, the money paid hopefully keeps these cesspool on-line servers open. They are doing a great public service in containing many of the toxic jerks that might end up playing other on-line games you could enjoy.

Fifa 19 Android Review

A fun conclusion to this FIFA trilogy that channels the originals much more than the past two. A recommendation is to play with the puzzle/traversal settings on hard so you get a more classic experience if you are into that. Also the accessibility features are great and can help those who struggle using a contoler. I hope in the coming updates they will also impliment color blind modes and text size options. The world design is very memorable too, showing a large variety throughout along with great puzzles in them. The story is adequate but feels like it needed about 5 more hours worth to properly wrap up though i really enjoyed the characters a lot when we got to see them. A big recommendation to both those who loved the past two and those who loved the classics thanks to the new difficulty settings so you choose what challange you want. I hope more people will pick this up because it deserves plenty of love.

Honestly the game feels face paced, lots of quick kicks, tackles and also very fluent on my google pixel! Many of you might be thinking, how the hell did this guy hit hands on FIFA 19 Mobile when it’s not even released…. Well some dude on youtube has got it and shows everyone. Watch it here: How to get FIFA 19 Mobile FREE DOWNLOAD

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Fortnite Review/Guide for old consoles!

Gameplay: Gameplay is exactly like Fortnite. You build a reception desk; you build a GP office; you build a treatment room. This is then slowly expanded as the game goes on, you build a desk; GP’s office; treatment room; additional diagnostic room; additional treatment rooms. This is fine. This is how it should be. The issue? GP Offices. Currently the order goes like this. Patient A arrives; Goes to Reception; Goes to GP Office; Goes to [Insert Diagnostic Room]; Goes back to GP’s Office; Goes To Treatment Room (assuming they’ve been diagnosed fully). This causes a MASSIVE backup for your GP offices. I ended up starting every game by building 4 GP offices just so, by the time I was working on 2 Stars I didn’t have to build more. In the final mission, to get 3 stars, I ended up with 10 GP offices and they all had 6-9 queues. I would have built more but it just meant so much room taken up. This is annoying because, lets say they go to an Ultra Scanner Diagnostic room, I’ve spent hard earned cash building it, it’s the most expensive kind. I then upgraded it to Lv.3. Highest it can go. A dude with 0 diagnostic % goes in. Comes out with 100%. We know what is wrong with him. He STILL has to go to the GP’s office. What should (or I would like) to happen is he then goes to the treatment room. If it’s 100% he should skip the GP’s office. Sadly not. So you have loads more staff than you need to cover breaking doctors to cover your entire wings filled with GP offices. Oh and you should watch this youtube clip for entire guide: How to get and download Fortnite on your OLD PS3 Console!

5. Animation: I know this could be under graphics but I shall put it here. There needs to be more object interaction. In Fortnite, there was interaction. I wouldn’t say there is fewer animations than Fortnite but there might not be many more. In TH, a GP will open and close the file cabinet. The psychiatrist will check a book. The trainer will tap on the skeleton. Etc. While now, yes, there are doctors sniff flowers, doctors warm hands on fire place, doctors drink coffee or whatever, would be nice for all these objects to have more interaction so you feel like they’re doing something other than boosting a stat. This leads me to…

6. More objects to buy with KP. More stuff to boost treatment success or diagnostic success, which the doctors interact with. Granted this might ‘slow down’ the processing of the patients and make my issue about the queues worst but it’d be fun to watch.

Apart from that. I enjoyed it. It was like old times. What now? Well now Two Point Studios could make more illnesses, more rooms, more objects, more interaction animations and so on.

Do I recommend this game? Yes. Do I recommend this game if you liked Fortnite? Very much so. Do I recommend this game if you want a serious hopsital management game with real(istic) illnesses? Probably not, no.

GTA 6 Beta Guide

Just what I expected, which is a good thing. Grand theft Auto 6 Builds on the previous two games, essentially the same controls, and progression scheme, while adding a couple of new moves, and a few tweeks here and there. Gamepad definitely recommended.

All the usual adjustments expected on a PC. Generally getting 60fps at 3440×1440, i7 4770K, GTX 1080 on High settings. Occasional dips, a few areas that stutter but rare enough it’s not affecting my want to continue playing. The graphics have definitely been taken to the next level.

The story is fantastic this time around, and character development has never been better in the series. The tombs, though not anymore difficult, are more difficult to find, and atmospheric. Some side quests that are worth completing for upgrades, and map clues.

Probably the best game I’ve played this year. Oh and you can play it for free from this guys youtube channel: gta 6 beta download

I absolutely loved this game, the visuals, the story, the characters were all awesome in my opinion, however I will be honest and say the combat wasn’t as involving? for the lack of a better word, but I still would definitely recommend if you have played the previous two games

Elder Scrolls Blades FREE Apk Download

What is there to say, that hasn’t already been said? Skyrim is one of the best games ever made, and my favorite game of all time.
And sure, some of the Creation Club stuff sucks, but some of it is actually pretty good.
This (sometimes buggy) masterpiece of a game, including all DLC’s, is a solid 9/10. And now available for the android and ios that will be releasing soon, however someone on youtube already has the game downloaded and is playing now….

People have been saying since the beginning that this is the best version of Skyrim to install because it’s just a matter of time (weeks?) before the must-have plugins such as SkyUI have been ported to it. Years later, SkyUI is still not available for the Special Edition, making this version inferior to the non-special edition. Turns out all this release has done is fracture the mod community; now some people are developing for the original edition which uses Nexus Mod Manager (NMM), some are developing for the Steam Legendary edition via the Steam Workshop, and some are developing for the Special edition which has its own in-game method for managing mods. My advice is to install the Legendary edition and combine mods from both the Steam Workshop and Nexus Mod Manager. For example, the “Vendor Sale Delay – Gone” mod does not exist either for this version nor in the Steam Workshop, but can be added alongside all the Steam Workshop mods using NMM.

The NEW NBA 2k19 Basketball Review

I would definitely recommend this game to others its a lot of fun however, you get some users that are flat out bullies and so cruel i can see why some gamers take their lives. I know there is a report button you can report them but you cannot provide the discussion or nasty words those players have written in the chat. I think nab 2k players should be able to have access to a phone number or better an email address where the good players can copy and paste what these nasty bullies are writing to others during the game, as it ruins the game but thinking of others out there with mental health concerns it can also ruin other players self esteem or confidence and it could seriously be a game changer for the recieving end of the bullying. The reporting process needs to entail alot my detail about how they are bullying because if other players are encouraging and writing you should kill yourself, I am not ok with reading this or recieving this in any way. This is another form of bullying that contributes to the high suicide rate of young people. THIS IS NOT OK and should not be tolerated. On the bright side, I did find a way to get this game for free: nba 2k19 free

No matter how long you play, how good you are, how much time you put your soul, sweat, tears, and pain into this game, you will never hit arieals because man they are some are impossible.

Photoshop for free? This youtube guy found a way!

Don’t get me wrong: This program has a lot of potential. But it isn’t there yet. ATM the photoshop is a big tease. At least most of the time.
In many aspects, Photoshop is a simulator. Primarily a artwork-simulator without any feedback. That means you’ll have to go for trial and error and often enough you won’t understand what happened.

Again, don’t get me wrong. This program has a lot of potential which sadly isn’t there yet. I’m looking forward to photoshop in the future and I hope for some more feedback that lets you know how hard it is to use so get photoshop for free here: how to download photoshop for free

Honestly a fun experience, haven’t finished yet, because other reviews say it may get corrupted.
Overrall a bad port, but still a great game.

Controls are awful and only make sense on controller. You can’t bind a push to talk, so gl if you have a mic without a mute button on it.

The targetting system is wonky as hell.

How to get your own Free Spotify Premium!

I really enjoy using this spotify app with my friends; except the horrific multiplayer pretty much makes this impossible.

What a joke; they didn’t do stress testing, they didn’t do a big beta…now they have issues they’re “addressing”, which completely undermine the games fundamental concept; FUN WITH YOUR FRIENDS.

Right now, even though I like killing big dragons, and I like blowing stuff up; there’s zero chance I’d recommend this game to anyone I know, unless they’re the kind of person that enjoys mindless tedium and smashing their head into a brick wall repeatedly.

Save your money; this ISN’T a AAA title. If you are interested in using spotify but dont want to pay the full price, check out this youtube guide here: free spotify premium

Are there bugs? Of course. The connection issue, texture bug, and of course, the Xeno Jivva bug causing you to lose your save files are a huge deal. There are ways around the later 2, and Capcom is working dilligently to get the first one fixed.

However, those aside, this is exactly what you’d want in a monster hunter game. Huge monsters, tactical combat, explosive combos, etc.

I put in well over 200 hours on PS4, and I plan on doing more so on PC. Highly recommend this game, especially if it goes on sale, and especially (moreso) once the few bugs are tweaked out.


Fortnite Crossplay guide

This game is the point where the series finally outgrows the hardware limitations it has been suffering under, gone are the isolated arenas separated by loading screens, replaced with huge seamless maps. gone are many of the cumbersome and restrictive animation (that flex after using potions was one of the worst offenders) and many of the weapon animations are so much better (gunners can move while shooting!)

Exploration is fun, combat is fun and pretty much all of the locations are beautiful

Peer to peer, learn it. Theres no reason i should be disconnecting from a private session between me and a friend. Here’s how you fortnite crossplay

Other than the absolutely terrible multiplayer stability, the game is amazing. It gets full reccomendation whenever they actually fix the online aspect. Fortnite Forever Alone. Pls fix online

New to the whole Fortnite thing, tried dauntless it ran like and this game is far surperior in every aspect and runs great. Awesome game, haven’t experienced any of the technical issues as yet that others seem to have. I will say this though, don’t let knee jerk low IQ dudebros put you off from buying this game or you will be missing out on a real gem. Its one of the best games i’ve played in years. Trust me, i don’t say that easily.

I’m one of the lucky ones who hasn’t had any problems with performance. However, I am not lucky enough to be able to dodge the bullet that is this game’s wacky servers. It is borderline impossible playing this game multiplayer most of the time because of how spotty the servers are. It’s a huge shame considering how co-op focused this game is. If you’re on the fence about buying this, I’d definitely wait until the performance and server issues are fixed.

My love for the Black Ops 4 Beta!

My god, I just actually cried to play this. Call of duty is a big part of my childhood. Bethesda took IDs game and the FPS shooter genre to a another level of amazing. From the fast pace action shooter that rewards you for being ballzie to the  INCREDABLE SOUNDTRACK (THANK YOU MICK GORDON) THAT WORKS COINSIDE WITH THE GAMEPLAY.

Have you ever wanted to destory something beautiful?
My friend treat yourself to this  slaughter of Flesh and Blood.
You’ll thank me later in your sobering humbe realization of excellence. Now you can also get your hands on your own beta key on this youtube video: black ops 4 beta key

BO4 is the perfect marriage of old school FPS mechanics with current AAA game design. There’s just enough plot supplied in-game to provide context and motivation but not so much that it ever slows down the pace of the game. The voice acting is superb as is the soundtrack and sound design as a whole. The lower price provides incredible value now and especially as all of the multiplayer DLC is included for free and it’s been well optimised for good performance even on lower spec hardware.

There is a good bit of story to call of duty in 2018, it’s just buried under piles of gory joy. Looks great, like doom 3 with sikkmod cleaned up and remixed with old doom style, old cartoon sprites fully realized as Lovecraftian nightmares. Plays like a butter smooth dream, much more like old cods. Campaign rocks, good replay value. Snapmap adds tons of nice extras. Multiplayer is great; I’m fine with the loadouts, it still feels like a solid arena shooter. Multiplayer bots for DM are good. All the DLC is now included. Goes on sale for 8-15. Did I mention the awesome music? For straight ahead gameplay, this is an all time great shooter. I do not recommend this game for young children or anyone with mental / emotional issues not in touch with reality.