The Season 9 Battle Pass

Fortnite is the The only game where you can:

• Hijack the ballista on the enemy’s side of the map
• Massacre several hapless enemies before they ever reach the battlefield
• Be viciously gang-shanked by very angry group of resurrected victims.
• Immediately run back to a ballista after being forcibly removed from it moments prior.
• Have head violently removed via sneaky warhammer after enemy witnesses your crime.
• Fatally spear buttocks of the guy who just murdered you off ballista
• Build barricades over all entrances and exits to discourage counter-hijackings
• Burn to death via fire bomb after forgetting other forms of ranged-weaponry still exist
• Go back to hijack ballista only to realize all entrances and exits are blockaded.
• Start battering down own barricades
• Forget that you placed wooden spikes on opposite side of barricade
• Proceed to be gored by own wooden spikes on opposite side of barricade
• Decide to forego hijacking altogether and sneak in front of barricade’s position
• Throw a fire bomb into window expecting to incinerate enemy occupying ballista
• Proceeds to incinerate teammate occupying ballista
• Realize barricades blocking your way weren’t yours after all
• Apologize to teammate for fatal third-degree burns
• Receive no reply from teammate
• Give up on ballista
• Run to the frontline to support teammates
• Proceed to have torso viciously removed from abdomen via large wooden bolt.

The new season 9 battle pass allows you to get new challenges and objectives in Fortnite, if you are interested, watch this video: free battle pass

It gives a good tutorial how to get the new season 9 battle pass for free!• Realize the guy who you just incinerated murdered you with ballista
• Start to consider the possibility this might be on purpose
• Conclude after being murdered five more times by teammate that it’s definitely on purpose
• Reflect on the terror you’ve experienced
• Reflect on the terror you’ve inflicted upon your enemies and allies alike
• Learn the error of your ways 
• Incinerate teammate via firebomb
• Destroy ballista to end deadly cycle of vengeful hijackings
• Run back into battle
• Proceed to have torso viciously removed from abdomen via newly-rebuilt ballista
• Try to kill enemy on ballista
• Realize the large group of enemies surrounding ballista were expecting you.

10/10, would watch swords, hammers, axes, fists, and musical instruments violently pulverize my corpse again.

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