How to get Free Steam Games

I have been loving this game called Mordhau, although it costs $20 on the steam store. Luckily I found this video on youtube that explains how to get it for free: free steam games

I personally love this game, with just under 200hrs in Chivalry i can see myself clocking in a hell of a lot more hours into this, it feels and sounds (War crys and etc) identical to Chiv just with more added features and polished up graphics and not to mention the combat system tweaks, so if you’re a fan of Chiv or Mediaeval period games then this is for you!

Note:At the moment its buggy getting into servers and receiving gold and XP but give it time and the devs will have it fixed and we can all run around with frying pans instead of swords and shields 😀 (And yes you can use fricking frying pans as a weapon! but not sure if it’s arrow-proof…)

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