Minecraft It is worth playing?

Okay, so here’s the deal. You know how that massive trend in modern gaming has been to cut up a game and release it as a broken incomplete mess riddled with micro transactions?

Well not this game! Finally, a company releases a game that feels finished, polished, and is actually fun.

Was disappointed at first cause every weapon you craft are so bad, monsters you fight first time can be difficult. End game is where the fun actually begins! Minecraft’s combat system is awesome, bows – weapons – traps…. It has it all!

What is your mission in game? Survive That’s pretty much it.

What is the gameplay like? Think gear grind like in Diablo, but instead of random stats and items, you hunt specific monsters to craft gear from their corpses. The RNG can be a little extreme, but as long as you aren’t massively impatient, just take your time and enjoy the game. You’ll have 99% of what you want before you know it. Now if you are really interested in playing minecraft, check out this guide on youtube: How to Download Minecraft for FREE! [PC/MAC/PS4/XBOX/NS]

What is the combat like? You go into a hunt with 1 of 14 weapons. Each weapon feels completely unique, viable, powerful, and completely changes how you play the game.


The only complaints frankly is the lack of truely diverse monsters to fight that you would see in previous iterations of the MH series, and playing through with a friend can be a little irritating because of the initial join condition on story missions. You can absolutely work around it and play together for 98% of the story, but it is a little irritating nonetheless.

Edit: I actually got this game for PS4 first, then bought it again for myself AND a friend to play it on PC. That is how worth it this game is for me.

Mojang… thank you.

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