Fortnite Battle Pass – Season 6

alright so it looks like Halloween has officially begun in fortnite literally okay. Before we go out there we explore the world of Halloween afford about a real couple of things I want to clear up one I’m drinking sparkling water now that you care but I just want to let you know extra post please just look at it as an extra post that’s all but I just want to let you know the next episode of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey it’s after this video locations to have brand new Halloween decorations and the first one was actually already there kind of but not really it was the one in retail row we’re at the shop at the shop had like the little store Halloween or whatever that was the first one anything like an actual decoration like external decorations for like a house or anything which would pretty much what we’re seeing here and it’s actually really freaking cool there’s only two spots right now that I know of if you guys have found any more please, in the comments below as I would like to explore the myself and go to them and then see how cool they look or what not but I’m going to share with you here the ones that I know about and these are actually pretty pretty freaking sweet okay and the first one is this house your triple story and pleasant Park look at the Halloween decorations we got those little spooky ghost lamps they splatter and they give you a lot 21 because is a playground in normally playgrounds gives you a thousand times more what’s a please don’t expect you’re going to get 20 against this goes hot as it has a face that’s cute . With the new season, comes a new battle pass… Here is how I got my mine for free: HOW TO GET A FREE SEASON 6 BATTLE PASS

actually different than the other ones that’s funny so yeah this is one of the houses that has a decoration I don’t think there’s anything inside this is actually really freaking cool I mean this is the first time I see these decorations you’re going to tell me this is not cool this is the coolest house and all of pleasant park right now like I want I want to know what they’re smoking cuz they’re hyped up a bottle weed man okay look at that they got the little freaking fog maker and everything up so early cool they got like a little spiders actually not that little pretty big and creepy and scary pumpkins here with another fog maker I got the spiderwebs you got even Planks on your windows that don’t even need planks bro like your windows are perfectly fine and you go out there and you put blacks out of that.

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