Grand Theft Auto 5 – A few years late Review….

Overall Game play: The game play gets a 5 out 10. It’s the exact same as previous version. Boring.

Story Board Mode: 6/10. You’re either are too busy reading which buttons to press, or addressing issues which quickly become mechanical. Fun stuff like pressing the right key to breathe correctly while doing yoga to driving and escaping cops. It’s hard to figure out if you’ve missed stuff or not. Did I complete it? Do I have to do the real stupid stuff? Yoga? Really? Are you kidding? Who came up with this?

On-line: You can play with friends. +1. New player experience. -10/10. As you start off with nothing, you will be blown up repetitively by cheaters. Or two players will just blow you up non-stop as you re-spawn. If you’re not with friends, it’s quite boring, and many of the boring tasks require two or more people. This on-line play is so pathetically bad and full of jerks that overall I’m going to give it the overall score of 0/10 which is sad :(…. However I have heard the mobile version is awesome and you can download it for free: gta 5 mobile download

OVERALL: 5/10. It would quickly drop had I paid any more. The storyboard mode was worth that. And on top of it, the money paid hopefully keeps these cesspool on-line servers open. They are doing a great public service in containing many of the toxic jerks that might end up playing other on-line games you could enjoy.

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