GTA 6 Beta Guide

Just what I expected, which is a good thing. Grand theft Auto 6 Builds on the previous two games, essentially the same controls, and progression scheme, while adding a couple of new moves, and a few tweeks here and there. Gamepad definitely recommended.

All the usual adjustments expected on a PC. Generally getting 60fps at 3440×1440, i7 4770K, GTX 1080 on High settings. Occasional dips, a few areas that stutter but rare enough it’s not affecting my want to continue playing. The graphics have definitely been taken to the next level.

The story is fantastic this time around, and character development has never been better in the series. The tombs, though not anymore difficult, are more difficult to find, and atmospheric. Some side quests that are worth completing for upgrades, and map clues.

Probably the best game I’ve played this year. Oh and you can play it for free from this guys youtube channel: gta 6 beta download

I absolutely loved this game, the visuals, the story, the characters were all awesome in my opinion, however I will be honest and say the combat wasn’t as involving? for the lack of a better word, but I still would definitely recommend if you have played the previous two games

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