The NEW NBA 2k19 Basketball Review

I would definitely recommend this game to others its a lot of fun however, you get some users that are flat out bullies and so cruel i can see why some gamers take their lives. I know there is a report button you can report them but you cannot provide the discussion or nasty words those players have written in the chat. I think nab 2k players should be able to have access to a phone number or better an email address where the good players can copy and paste what these nasty bullies are writing to others during the game, as it ruins the game but thinking of others out there with mental health concerns it can also ruin other players self esteem or confidence and it could seriously be a game changer for the recieving end of the bullying. The reporting process needs to entail alot my detail about how they are bullying because if other players are encouraging and writing you should kill yourself, I am not ok with reading this or recieving this in any way. This is another form of bullying that contributes to the high suicide rate of young people. THIS IS NOT OK and should not be tolerated. On the bright side, I did find a way to get this game for free: nba 2k19 free

No matter how long you play, how good you are, how much time you put your soul, sweat, tears, and pain into this game, you will never hit arieals because man they are some are impossible.

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