Fortnite Crossplay guide

This game is the point where the series finally outgrows the hardware limitations it has been suffering under, gone are the isolated arenas separated by loading screens, replaced with huge seamless maps. gone are many of the cumbersome and restrictive animation (that flex after using potions was one of the worst offenders) and many of the weapon animations are so much better (gunners can move while shooting!)

Exploration is fun, combat is fun and pretty much all of the locations are beautiful

Peer to peer, learn it. Theres no reason i should be disconnecting from a private session between me and a friend. Here’s how you fortnite crossplay

Other than the absolutely terrible multiplayer stability, the game is amazing. It gets full reccomendation whenever they actually fix the online aspect. Fortnite Forever Alone. Pls fix online

New to the whole Fortnite thing, tried dauntless it ran like and this game is far surperior in every aspect and runs great. Awesome game, haven’t experienced any of the technical issues as yet that others seem to have. I will say this though, don’t let knee jerk low IQ dudebros put you off from buying this game or you will be missing out on a real gem. Its one of the best games i’ve played in years. Trust me, i don’t say that easily.

I’m one of the lucky ones who hasn’t had any problems with performance. However, I am not lucky enough to be able to dodge the bullet that is this game’s wacky servers. It is borderline impossible playing this game multiplayer most of the time because of how spotty the servers are. It’s a huge shame considering how co-op focused this game is. If you’re on the fence about buying this, I’d definitely wait until the performance and server issues are fixed.

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