My love for the Black Ops 4 Beta!

My god, I just actually cried to play this. Call of duty is a big part of my childhood. Bethesda took IDs game and the FPS shooter genre to a another level of amazing. From the fast pace action shooter that rewards you for being ballzie to the  INCREDABLE SOUNDTRACK (THANK YOU MICK GORDON) THAT WORKS COINSIDE WITH THE GAMEPLAY.

Have you ever wanted to destory something beautiful?
My friend treat yourself to this  slaughter of Flesh and Blood.
You’ll thank me later in your sobering humbe realization of excellence. Now you can also get your hands on your own beta key on this youtube video: black ops 4 beta key

BO4 is the perfect marriage of old school FPS mechanics with current AAA game design. There’s just enough plot supplied in-game to provide context and motivation but not so much that it ever slows down the pace of the game. The voice acting is superb as is the soundtrack and sound design as a whole. The lower price provides incredible value now and especially as all of the multiplayer DLC is included for free and it’s been well optimised for good performance even on lower spec hardware.

There is a good bit of story to call of duty in 2018, it’s just buried under piles of gory joy. Looks great, like doom 3 with sikkmod cleaned up and remixed with old doom style, old cartoon sprites fully realized as Lovecraftian nightmares. Plays like a butter smooth dream, much more like old cods. Campaign rocks, good replay value. Snapmap adds tons of nice extras. Multiplayer is great; I’m fine with the loadouts, it still feels like a solid arena shooter. Multiplayer bots for DM are good. All the DLC is now included. Goes on sale for 8-15. Did I mention the awesome music? For straight ahead gameplay, this is an all time great shooter. I do not recommend this game for young children or anyone with mental / emotional issues not in touch with reality.

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